Kamikaze Paint Protection

Kamikaze Paint Protection

Kamikaze Paint Protection that is Kamikaze Collection Is A Revolutionary Range Of High-end Boutique Car Care Products Designed And Manufactured In Japan, Home Of Ceramic Coatings. Combining State-of-the-art Technology With Traditional Know-how, Kamikaze Collection Prides Itself On Delivering Truly Innovative And Unique Products Without The Typically Associated Hype. Employing The ‘kaizen’ Approach, Kamikaze Collection Focuses On Continuous Improvement To Ensure Their Customers Benefit From Products That Really Do Offer The Very Best Protection Available.

Kamikaze Paint Protection


Suited for newer vehicles with lower KMs
1-day turnaround

for an owner who wishes to protect their vehicle without breaking the bank
It includes a Kamikaze Miyabi Coating as well as our Leather and Textile treatments.
With great self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties,

it will provide extended chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.


suited for new or newer vehicles
2 day turnaround
The DEFEND Package provides your vehicle with more protection durability in the form of Kamikaze ZIPANG Semi self-healing coating. For those looking for the ultimate in coating protection, we recommend Zipang Coat for its unmatched looks, hydrophobicity, and semi self-healing technology. Durability is rated at 5+ years when layered with Kamikaze Miyabi.
Zipang Coat also provides a darkening effect to the paint.


Suited for all vehicles
3-4 day Procedure
The Pinnacle in vehicle protection!

Our Conserve package is an all-inclusive coating Package that incorporates our full Kamikaze range as well as specialty Coatings for each individual surface of the vehicle.

With each component of the car experiencing various stresses during its lifetime, we ensure that each area of the vehicle receives a specific coating designed to withstand

what it will go through day to day

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