In the auto industry there has always been somewhat of a rivalry between painters and detailers, the process after a vehicle has been refinished is to remove any Dirt nibs (dust under the clear coat) runs or texture to reveal a true finish and have it looking as close to OEM as possible. sometimes this procedure isn’t carried out correctly and can leave the newly finished vehicle with holograms, sanding marks and so forth

case in point in this newly refinished Maserati coupe was riddled with dirt nibs, orange peel and runs in the clear

over the courser of 4 days i set about rectifying these issues via wet-sanding, and the use of tungsten blades to smooth and flatten the affected areas.
followed up with multiple stages of compounding & refinement to make the stunning black metallic really come to life.

95% of the time i will always reach for a ceramic coating as my go to for protection but i felt a little nostalgic this day and opted instead for Kamikaze infinity wax to create an intense sharpness to the paint work and accentuate the stunning curves of this Italian beauty